zaterdag 16 maart 2013

Sizzurp Formula

How to make Sizzurp yourself full instructions and a step by step guide!

What does sizzurp look like in action?

What is sizzurp?

Sizzurp is an addictive conoction that gets the user high, made by combining prescription-strength cough syrup with sugary sodas like Mountain Dew or Coca-Cola, to which hard candies like Jolly Ranchers are added for more flavor. It's typically sipped out of Styrofoam cups.

How does it get you high?

Prescription cough syrup contains the active ingredients codeine and promethazine. Codeine is a part of a group of drugs called narcotic pain medicines. Usually prescribed for mild to moderately severe pain, the drug produces euphoric side effects. Promethazine is a sedative antihistamine that is frequently prescribed to treat motion sickness and insomnia and can enhance codeine's effects. Over-the-counter cough syrups like Robitussin can also be used to make sizzurp, but their effects are more hallucinatory than purely euphoric. Adding ingredients such as vodka and crushed painkillers can increase the impairment of motor skills and general lugubriousness associated with a sizzurp high.

Want to make it your self? 

If you want to make it your self make sure you do everything precisely like I tell you in the text file. Also make sure you drink modestly and not too much! Have fun.

Get the full prescription in the download link below